Play Together, Grow Together

We are FREE indoor play area for kids and parents to play together.

Because children learn through play, the Creative Play Place is designed to encourage children to explore movement and the arts through creative play. Children climb, slide and run to exercise their body, while playing in imaginative sets. Children learn theatrical arts through costuming, dramatic play and puppetry, visual arts through hands-on, process-oriented art experiences, music and dance through instrument experimentation and movement. Children learn social skills as they negotiate and share. The Creative Play Place provides parents with a variety of opportunities to play with their children to help them learn and grow. Come play with us!

Creative Play Place Childcare Event

We’re excited to share a fun event with you. The Creative Play Place is hosting drop-off childcare at the Saint Peter Community Center on Saturday, December 5, 2015. Use this form to make your reservation!

Here’s some more information:

  • Minimum age of children is 18 months.
  • Drop off begins at 5:30 p.m. All children must be picked up by 9:30 p.m.
  • Childcare will be provided by Gustavus Adolphus College student volunteers and Creative Play Place board members.
  • The cost is $3.00 per hour, per child. All proceeds benefit the Creative Play Place!

We hope this will be a fundraiser that’s helpful for our community. Who doesn’t need a Saturday night without the kids around, especially in December? Use the time to shop for gifts, go out for dinner, attend a concert, or just relax at home. And know that every dollar we raise goes directly to the Creative Play Place, keeping it FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Feel free to contact us with questions.

Ways to Support the Creative Play Place!

Do you love the Creative Play Place? There are so many ways to support us! (And guess what? Most of them don’t cost money!) Here are a few ways that you can help us out.

  1. Tell your friends about us,
  2. Like and share our posts on social media,
  3. Donate items from our wish list,
  4. Volunteer at our fundraisers,
  5. Help us write a grant, and
  6. Join our Board of Directors.

We are a free, independent non-profit organization that relies on YOU to keep going. Thank you for all your support!

It’s Time to Give to the Max!

Today is a very important day for the Creative Play Place; it’s Give to the Max Day. We don’t charge any fees and we don’t receive any money from the city; we rely solely on your generosity. Please consider donating today to make it all possible! You can help the Creative Play Place stay free and open for everyone to enjoy just by giving a little bit. Your little bit + the little bit someone else gives can add up quickly!

A great feature of Give to the Max Day is that every time we receive a donation, the Creative Play Place is entered in a drawing to win bigger cash awards. So, any amount you give could end up helping us – a lot!

Here’s a little more information: “GiveMN is Minnesota’s front door for charitable giving. Come on in and we’ll make giving simple, rewarding and fun – for you and the organizations and schools that need your help. Our goal is to create an unparalleled state of giving in Minnesota. We are constantly developing new ways to grow giving in Minnesota. And we’re doing it without making anyone peddle chocolate bars or serve a single rubber chicken dinner.”

Who doesn’t love that? Are you ready to give?

Upcoming Closings

Please note the following schedule for Creative Play Place closings.

  • October 15-17: Closed for MEA
  • October 31: Closed for the Lil’ Monster Dash
  • November 3: No gym time due to elections

Also be aware that the Creative Play Place follows South Elementary (Saint Peter School District) for weather-related closings. If there is a school delay, morning hours at Creative Play Place are canceled.